aksara jawa

i was alone in my room in a saturday afternoon, when suddenly and unconsciously heard Metro TV said “aksara jawa software”. Well, i should have known it from several years a go (but at that time i ain’t had a PC). Spontaneously (in a full consciousness) i typed “software bahasa jawa” and  “aksara jawa” in google. My mouse move over a link to a blog which took me to a great site. The Official Site of Aksara Jawa.

I am javanese. Native, and still completely remember how to talking in javanese (ya iya lah…!!!), but i forget several many “kromo inggil” words :D. hehehe…

anyway, you are strongly suggested to visit that site..!!

I have downloaded the “hanacaraka” font, installed it and tried the installed font. Here is the result….

After randomly typing my keyboard, i made it..!!


hahahaha… i think i forgot how to write these javanese letter. yea, actually i have to re-call my memories in minutes ^^V. But i made it…!! 😀

i downloaded the keyboard map too from that site, as shown bellow….



for more information about it, please visit these link..



or.. googling it by ur self.. 😉

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