I am addicted

Today is the last holiday for this week and tomorrow i have to face my rutinity (again and again). Wake up early, breakfast early, go to the office at 07:15 a.m, and get back at 05:15 p.m. Struggling for not being killed by the rutinity..!!!!
I am addicted..!!! holiday addicted..!!! i am addicted to my hobbies (everyone does, i think). Addicted by blogwalking to your blog, addicted by googling with all keywords, addicted to something new, addicted to enjoy this aloneness (as i am introverted). Addicted to imitating some movie dialog Hi5 Emoticon, and bla..bla..bla..
tomorrow, I’LL print out the sentence “I hate LOVE MONDAY” largely in mind…!!! singing out loud the song of  “I LOVE MONDAY” Hi5 Emoticon
ah ya..!!! tommorow will be the first day to play  tennis since this 2 weeks off (for weather reason, huh).

anyway, i’ve run out of drug holiday, i shouldn’t  be that greedy for wanting anymore drug holiday, and lets  say…. alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah for this nice holiday.. alhamdulillah for end up this holiday so i can start to work again,  start to produce something really worthy (get paid i mean, hahahahaha…*LOL*), and next thursday i should attend POP (pengawas operasional pratama) training which is issued that the training test is a trouble difficult.

the bottom line is….Alhamdulillah….

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One Response to I am addicted

  1. KOESnadi says:

    Menyapa sobat blogger..he..he…aku masih di jakarta dan masih di PP

    Artikel yg testt mbok dihapus mbak…he..he..

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    Happy blogging!!

    Waalaikumsalam mas hari,
    thank you for coming…. hows PP..?? great isn’t it??
    what about djakarta? 😀

    okey, next time, i’ll delete that post. hihihihihihihihihi….
    *iseng bgt bikin postingan test kayak gtu*


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