Love, pretty wonderfull and great. But it might be something that u dislike.. something that might even hurt you so bad.. something that might makes you drown, deep into the sea, swallowed by big blue whale, dont know how to survive, and u would die in there… or you would come up again as its feces. OUCH…!!!! still hurts…!!! When sometimes its a big bingo bango, a nice present for others, it still might hurts you.

well, there is a point of a broken hearted. GROW UP. Be StrOnGer. SmiLe even when you are criying. etc…etc… wanna add up some more…???

my otherside says “wake up girl..!!! you can do it..!! come on… wake up…!! build ur other dreams…!!!”

There is a quote from Alex Rover, a fictitious traveller, a fictitious hero in a film called Nim’s Island..

Be the hero of  your own story

oh ya, you can do it too… be the hero of your own story, at least dont be sad too much of a disappointment. Stand up even when your hopes all down..

_peace from dahai_

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