small chat tonight

tonight, me and Chan-chan (my friend in Dahai Camp, place where i am living now), were talking about several things and suddenly we came to a discussion about the maňana culture. The habit of procrastinating. Perhaps we do not realize that actually we are really procrastinating a lot. Instead of -do what you can do today- we’d rather to wait until tomorrow. why is that? Once i had a little discussion with my friend that commonly we’ve been spoiled by our friendly nature. we were told about our blue sky, our “green” land, our beautiful view, our natural resources, and many other beautiful things that we have (had??).
Then, we are agree that its not only Indonesia who have a maňana symptom, but all of the countries in the tropical belt. here is another example: as we only have two season, we do not have to prepare everything for winter, our time frame is relatively longer. Thus, we do not have to worry about tomorrow.
Different from countries in the northern and southern hemisphere, they put in their mind that they wouldn’t survive if they do nothing, and as a consequence from four season countries, they would better to prepare everything for winter. Otherwise they’ll die by the temperature. Hahaha…
Well, basically it still depends on the person itself.
So, which one you choose? or any other opinion?

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