YM status on your Blog,,,

sometimes we want our visitor to see if we are online or not in YM. sometimes we want to show our status as :
or as:



There are a lot of tips in Google. But, this is my choice today 😀
go to the website, and type your yahoo username in the appropriate box, generate the code, and copy paste the code to the text widget in your wordpress blog. Or, you can try the other one.

I assume you’ve known how to add text widget. Otherwise, here it is…. log in to your WP blog, head to your dashboard, choose appearance, then click widget. Drag and drop “text” in the appropriate column. Here we go…!!!!!


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4 Responses to YM status on your Blog,,,

  1. KOESnadi says:

    Keren juga nih, jangan lupa liat GERHANA disini


  2. Nin says:

    Thanx for share.
    Lemme try..!


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