Human (My) Resilience [in mathematical view]

My resilience is not constant. It is change in time, in place, and many other functions. The graphic does not always use the positive gradient, sometime it might be negative, which means the value of “y” in “t(x)” is less than it is in “t(x-1)”. Sometime it seems like a polynomial graphics, with culmination(s) in many points.

My resilience is also a function of experience. Experience which others and I have, within my cognition. While the experience itself is a function of time, its graphic will use a positive gradient.  Well, it doesn’t mean that having a lot of experience makes us having a better reaction toward the world, but i am sure it will enrich and broaden our view as our brain is a growing neuron.

My resilience is a function of conditions. The ability in coping many situations might be different according to its conditions. It is the outer factor which influence my power. I think this function doesn’t have any graphic. It is a random function as a result of a lot of uncontrolled situations. One of the handling tips of this stochastic variable is always getting closer to GOD since it will always lead us to answers for all questions.

In conclusion, my resilience is a combination of those three  function above and also many other functions that i have yet written. So, how’s yours?

*anyway, it also shows limits and continuity 😀

(no scientific literature )

sunday morning at my corner

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2 Responses to Human (My) Resilience [in mathematical view]

  1. Supanggung says:

    “It is change in time…” ==> It changes in time…


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