miss this….!! :D


I did my undergraduate final thesis using SMS (Surface Water Modelling System) Software. Not using the famous RMA2, i used the FESWMS module. Why….??? i choose the module because of two reason. First, because i wanted to simulate a combined flow (Sub critics and Supercritics) at the same simulation. RMA2 was not able to do that. Second, because no one in my campus (as far as i know) had used FESWMS before. So i was the first student who tried the module…!! yeay..!! (so whattt…??? lol).

by the way, during the process of learning FESMWS, i often visit this forum from AQUAVEO. i met many great hydraulic engineers there and i felt like talking to them personally. (oh, lebay…wkwkwk).

Now i miss you..!!

My second chance to keep on eye on the website is when i worked in PT Adaro Indonesia, as a Junior Planning Engineer. I should learn another software, and introduce the software to them (the other engineer). The software was WMS (Watershed Modelling System). Here, i learn back from the forum and they helped me a lot.

Once i disappointed to Aquaveo’s services was when we bought the software. Well, actually everything goes well, except when i had to dealt with the maintenance fee and upgrading procedure. ummm…. or maybe because my lack knowledge of doing bussiness with foreigner. lol.

Nevertheless, they made me happy when they send me two free USBs…!!! So, one day the held a survey for the users. I tried to filling out the survey form, finished it, submitted it, and several weeks later I received two free USB Flash disk….!!!!!!!! wohohohohoho… thank you ya..!!


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4 Responses to miss this….!! :D

  1. usdiyanto says:

    permisi, mohon bisa di jelaskan cara penggunaan software SMS, saya sedang membutuhkan untuk alat bantu menyelesaikan tesis.
    terima kasih


  2. Would you like to help me get the software / excel file on reservoir simulation, and then analyze its reliability, its resilience and so on. From your article I noticed that you have study in water resources of master graduate, and pleased with the subjects of hydraulics, hydrology, etc.. Glad to read your blog. Your writing fresh, humorous, straightforward, sometimes sentimental.


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