vlookup in Microsoft Excel

okey, we know that excel has a lot of helpful function which will beautifully make our tasks much easier (or better to say more efficient). One of those is the “vlookup” function.

#well, actually, i’m being asked about “vlookup” function, and i think it’s better to put it here.

Then, how we use it?

When you have series of data (array) or table and for certain purpose you want to “re-call” a data to another table, for example (see figure above), you want to know the data from number “5” (red arrow) and it’s paired (blue box), you only need to type “5”, and the related data will showed up. ^_^

The formula for vlookup is:  ” =VLOOKUP($A18,$A$3:$F$15,D3,FALSE)”

the general formula is : “=VLOOKUP(lookup cell, table array,column index number, range lookup)”

see the figure below:

(click to see this clearer)

or this one :

(click to see this clearer)

Hope it helps.

(my current daily tagline) 😀

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6 Responses to vlookup in Microsoft Excel

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  4. # The formula for vlookup is: ” =VLOOKUP($A18,$A$3:$F$15,D3,FALSE)”
    “D3” on the formula you mean “4”, aren’t you? ^ _ ^
    btw… can u explain me why we have to write “FALSE”? May we not to write it? What happened if we write “TRUE”?



    • ida says:

      Yes, we can also write “4″ instead of referring to cell “D3″.
      On the formula, i referred to cell “D3″ which contains “4″ in it. I was just giving another example of using VLOOKUP formulas, that we can refer to a cell instead of writing number. This will be an advantage if we want to copy the formula to the right column and so on.

      we don’t have to write “FALSE” btw..
      if we do not write anything after the column number, it will be defined as “False” by default. means, that we want to look up for the exact match.
      Otherwise, if we write “True”, excel will find the approximate match. for example, if we want to look up for number “4.234″ and in there is number “4″ in the table, excel will read it as an approximate value.

      *Honestly, i haven’t tried writing “True”, though… hehehe…


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