[up in the air] Papua…

So, Papua was my second “up in the air” thingie. Ummm… where was the fisrt? It was Jakarta, unfortunately, i didn’t have any camera, back then. ^_^

So it is…

Start Point : Yogyakarta, Indonesia (AdiSutjipto International Airport), around 6.a.m in the morning

Adisutjipto International Airport – Yogyakarta – ID

transit : Makasar (i forgot what time it was) ^^V

Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (Makasar- ID)

[Before touch down], here is our beautiful Papua from up in the air. Btw, sorry for the ordinary camera ya… 😉

Up in the air – Timika (Papua)

See the meander..?

another meander #there still many others, better take it with ur decent camera ;-), come visit papua..!! ^^V

Okey, now we’re going to reach Sentani Airport (Papua- Indonesia)

Somewhere near Sentani

Still, around Sentani

Nice, isn’t it…? ^_^

Finally : Touch Down…!! (Sentani Airport – Papua – Indonesia, around 2 or 3 p.m)

Sentani Airport (Papua – Indonesia)

Tips at Sentani Airport:

  • there are many porters who will insist you to have them take your luggages. If you had much money, of course it wont be a problem. well, i don’t know how much they cost since i avoided them. ^_^
  • Prepare you luggage. I mean, you should bring a “strong” one, since there ain’t any belt conveyor to convey your stuffs. They usually just throw it away. Well, it was in 2008. I’ll check out the updated information later on, ya..!! sumimasen.
  • others…?? ummm… what do you think? wanna add up some more..? 🙂

#again, selingan bekerja 😉

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