My Fav.. food… the traditional one…

One of my Favourites…!!!!



See that delicious picture? That’s cenil, a very delicious food (umm… maybe cookies), a traditional ones. I took the picture in a traditional food festival in Solo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Ummm…. you should try it sometime. 🙂

another fave:


Someone said :

If there mochi in Japan, then there klepon in Indonesia with special taste of palm sugar


This one, i didn’t take the picture myself. i took it from a blog, explaining how to cook it. I’ll tell u later. now i’m too starve to write that. 😀

well, you can visit that blog though. ^_^

Okey…  as i really really starving… i’ll hunt for a food..!!!!

tschüss..!! 🙂

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