[polling] Time of Concentration..?

a chat…

A : “what r u thinkin’?”

B : “Time of concentration”

A : “what the h*** is that? i’ve been working for 5 hours straight today. so, my time of concentration is 5 hour. is that what u’ve been thinking?”

B : –___–”

Time of concentration (tc) is the time required for a particle of water flowing from the “hydraulically farthest” point to the outlet of a watershed.

Dear readers, may i ask you something? while dealing with hydrology thingie, how often do you use this time parameter in your calculation? when do you usually consider this parameter in your calculation?

#just a little random polling ^^

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2 Responses to [polling] Time of Concentration..?

  1. Ratih Kusuma Hartini says:

    aku make tu mba and sekarang masih ga yakin bener ga tu hidrograf nya


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