Reservoir Operation Simulation (01)

As tomorrow we’ll have an exam in Water Resource Management class, i’d like to write about a simple reservoir simulation.

Basically, in designing a reservoir operating rule, we can do two types of steps: (1) Simulation, and (2) Optimization. Simulation is a good choice to start. But if we want some more sophisticated step, optimization will do.

Generally speaking, in simulating a reservoir operation rule, there are so many thing we can do. For example, we can simply simulate the Standard Operating Rule which based on reservoir water balance. The equation for water balance, as we know it, is:

dS/dt = I – O, where dS/dt is the change in reservoir storage due to time, or S(t+1) – St, and I is the inflow, while O is the outflow which usually consists of the actual release, evaporation, etc.

aah, let’s get this to the point. The point is, define which will be the inflow and what are the outflow consists of.

umm… Let’s have a look at a fictitious reservoir with its inflow and outflow data. The question in this case is.. “when will be the appropriate time to start the reservoir release?”

Hint : a reservoir operation/simulation will be considered as good if the storage at the beginning of the period is not much different (same) with its storage at the end of period. So we need to see the graph.

we’ll expect such graph:

reservoir operation

reservoir operation

To make it easier, i put some tools in the excel file. you can download this if you like : Resservoir Simulation 01


this is the beginning of figuring a reservoir operation. We still have tons of work to obtain a good reservoir operation rule.


*to be continued… or at least, i plan to continue. ^^V

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4 Responses to Reservoir Operation Simulation (01)

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  2. I’m very2 glad 2 this post, and wait for the continued…. GBU


    • ida says:

      Thank you, but my writing is less sophisticated than your analysis (Fuzzy logic). Mine is very basic, so I’m the one who will be waiting for you to share about it


      • of course… i’m preparing fuzzy logic for support outflow analyze 2 share 2 u and others that concern in water resources… unfortunatelly my capability is still very basic yet… may we will be increasing up more n more… and my bad english too ^ _ ^
        success 4 u’r study


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