Compile a Fortran Code

Again, I blog about “how-to” thingie. Not to teach anyone, but I need to find such notes easily. I post this notes, as when i started doing my assignment which included coding and compiling, i forgot how to compile a code..!! Yet it took a while for me to find this note. So i decided to upload this.

Ja, kochira desu…


all you need to do is..

  1. open your command prompt,
  2. go to your directory
  3. type this… [gfortran -o xxxx.exe yyyy.f], where xxxx.exe will be the name of your executable file, and yyyy.f is your code file name. of course you should change those names according to your own code :p


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1 Response to Compile a Fortran Code

  1. ida says:

    a prove that my filing system in my laptop is a bit messy nowadays. :p


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