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Installing Octave 3.6.4 on Windows 8

Originally posted on DT066 Engineering Computing Module:
Introduction MATLAB is an incredibly powerful tool for engineers, not just for number crunching solutions to specific problems, but as an aid to creativity. MATLAB power users sometimes talk about it feeling almost…

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and i think everyone has their own pain and preference to heal because each of us has particular unique background in our lives everyone of us may get hurt everyone of us may go crazy everyone of us may be … Continue reading

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Writing Online Lab (OWL), Purdue University

My Short Presentation for Academic Writing’s Class : OWL Purdue University Link for the website : ———————————————–

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My Fav.. food… the traditional one…

One of my Favourites…!!!! See that delicious picture? That’s cenil, a very delicious food (umm… maybe cookies), a traditional ones. I took the picture in a traditional food festival in Solo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Ummm…. you should try it sometime. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Motivation (1)

Man Jadda Wajada Siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh, dia yang akan berhasil

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Some people do blog to share. I do blog for myself. selfish? i am. there are conditions where we’re allowed to be selfish: at class (when the teacher is explaining), and at learning activity (doesn’t mean that i do not … Continue reading

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