hey, you… yes, you..!! ๐Ÿ˜€

arigatou gozaimashita, for having your time get lost in this blog.ย  please leave your “footprints”, here…


7 Responses to guestbook

  1. Dwi Priakusuma says:

    hihihihi….nuwunsewu, tembe kemawon kulo ngertos menawi punika blog kagunganipun mba Ida…
    nggih kulo lajengaken mawon ningali benjang-benjang mba… sampun bosen anggenipun medhar ngelmu kangge kulo lan sepodho-podho.

    matur nembah nuwun… mugi tansah sehat sarto kaleksanan penjangkahipun…. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Mayank says:

    Hi Ida,
    I got your web add. from WMS forum. Sorry to contact u over here. I have signed up a long time back on forum, have validated my email add. but still I can’t start any new topic over there. From posts I learnt that u r using GSSHA. Because I don’t have the rights to start a topic I am unable to get the solution of my problems with GSSHA. You being a senior member over there may probably resolve my issue. Through WMS while creating grids of land use & soil data I am getting error “An outside polygon with id 4 for the current inside polygon id was not found”
    Can you please point to the possible issue.
    My email =


    • ida says:

      Hi Mayank,

      Nice to meet you here. Yes I am using WMS, but for GSSHA, i am just a beginner. However, I’ve mailed you from my yahoo account. maybe we can share things. please check it out.


  3. KOESnadi says:

    Comment nya pake moderation yah?

    iya, masih nyoba2.. hehheheh


  4. lilis says:

    you are the sweets girls i ever have know,,,
    so, be strong when you feel weak,, remember that i’m in your heart to make you tough, eventhough you were so far from hometown.
    don’t be up sad, i’ll be here for you….
    go mba’ ida, go mba’ ida, go mba’ ida,
    you must realizing your dreams,,,
    until we meet in netherland……
    miss you…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    mbak lilisโ€ฆ
    thank you very much for all of ur support for me.


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