Some people do blog to share.

I do blog for myself. selfish? i am. there are conditions where we’re allowed to be selfish: at class (when the teacher is explaining), and at learning activity (doesn’t mean that i do not share).

aaaaah, anyway, here, i practice to be a little bit extroverted. a bit open. *that’s why sometime the writing is kinda trash. 😀


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8 Responses to About

  1. hyorinmaru says:

    Nice to meet you (again) Sis…^^v


  2. atmo says:

    Haloooo… =D


  3. Sadat ar Rayyan says:

    met datang di wordpress. met nikmati aja suguhan wordpress. met nge-blog aja. met nyandu juga 🙂
    *pengen nggo basa inggris, tapi raiso*


  4. herr says:

    hi, my name is herr. i think that my comment is the first comment on your blog. welcome to wordpress comunity…


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